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PUNCEC ZORA In loving memory of our dearest mom, who has gone to be with her Lord, who she loved dearly on the 10th October 2012. Zora Puncec born 7/4/1927 in Cakovec, Croatia. Married Franjo Puncec 1943. Mother to Frank, Victor and Sylvia. Moved to SA 1948. Lived her last 22 years at Randjies Estate. She was preceded in death by Franjo Puncec. Survived by Frank, Victor and Sylvia, grand-children Grant and Kristy Owen and great-grandchildren Kaleb and Makayla Owen, granddaughter-in-law Christina and many other family and friends. Services will be held in Chapel Randjies Estate, Highlands North at 2pm Wednesday 17th October. She loved watching her sons play tennis, loved to pray and read the Bible. Some of her many hobbies were embroidery, crochet, needle work knitting, sewing and gardening. Most of all she loved helping others.

Published in The Star on 15/10/2012
URN: 8954861

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